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Dear Kimblake
Its not always black an white sometimes we have to add a little color.
Poetry reflects life with the grace and harmony and trials and triumph of life. I never set out to write a book. The words were written on a journey of survival and discovery, as I disclosed My life to my friend Kim Blake through daily letters there was an unearthing of emotions. I found myself capable of feeling a diverse and sometimes complex set of emotions, leading to a friendship that opened a door to a variety of even stronger feelings including those of compassion, love, patience and hunger and feelings of joy and even those of sadness.

In essence Kim Blake had given me a voice. It wasn’t Kim’s response that was of importance as the Ideals which were explored through a long and arduous gravel path which found me more than occasionally stumbling. Each piece of poetry written shows the ability that people have in reaching out to one another. Our needs vary but the simple fact is I reached my hand out for friendship and someone answered.
It reminded me of a stanza from a poem I had recently wrote “Is anybody out there! Does anybody care! Does any one hear me a woman in despair.” Then to Kim’s response “all you need is you, your poetry is proof Have faith!” So Introducing “Dear Kim Blake” what a little faith will do and what holding ones hand through life can accomplish. This book is my thank you for unconditional supportive friendship.
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